How we do it better

Our guards receive classroom and field training prior to assignment at any account. Permanently assigned officers receive additional site-specific training to understand your requirements and expectations. Refresher training is provided to all officers yearly. Based on our comprehensive training curriculum our officers are well suited to handle many roles at our client’s sites.

Our Guard’s Roles

Our guards are capable of providing many types of functional roles for our clients. Some of the functions that our guards provide are as follows:

Uniformed Unarmed Guards

Emergency Medical Technicians



Court Room Monitors


Uniformed Armed Officers


Plain Clothes Officers

Loss Prevention Officers

Special Event Staff

And more

Guards Duties

Depending on the role that our clients select, the guards may be called upon to provide a wide array of services/duties. Some of the duties that officers perform for our clients are:

Managing Access Control

Performing Foot Patrols

Conducting Vehicle Patrols

Providing First Aid/CPR/AED

Operating Magnetometers

Providing Alarm Response

Managing Video Systems

And more…

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