Executive Guard Services

The Company

Our Executive Guard Services and its principals built on more than a decade worth of combined experience in the security industry. As we grow, we remain committed to delivering consistently high-quality security guards, investigations, and surveillance services to our clients throughout the country. As part of our commitment to quality, we commit to involving our executive team with all aspects of our client’s security program. As a result, we remain easy to do business with and flexible enough to readily adjust to changes in your security requirements.

Providing Exceptional Service

Providing exceptional Security guard services has become one of the hallmarks of Straight Security Services. As a company we believe that we have mastered the art and science of providing exceptional service by closely examining our past experiences, understanding industry best practices, and seeking continuous client feedback. As a result of these practices, we have found that there are four (4) keys to providing exceptional service. Those keys are:

Striving for continuous improvement using a documented Quality Control Plan;

Having well-trained guards and supervisors;

Retaining great guards;

Unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Corporate Location

Our corporate headquarters is located along Thika road, allowing our Manager and executive management team to be immediately available to answer client concerns and resolve problems as they occur. You will hear as you ask around that we are innovative, aggressive in our attempts to obtain the goals we define, and always seeking to be challenged.

But our greatest strength is and will always be, that we are fundamentally dedicated to reaching excellence for our clients and every employee.

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