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Police Control Room: 020 2724154 /0729100712 or 999 KPLC: 020 375 400

- Nairobi Hospital: 020 284 6101

- Aga khan Hospital: 020 374 0000

- Karen Hospital: 020 661 3000

- AAR: 020 271 7374/ 5/ 6

- St Johns: 020 221 0000/ 343 999/ 224 4444

- E+ Emergency Services: 0700 395 395

- Nairobi Fire department: 020 2181/ 82/ 83 / 0714 115 393 / 0737 821 172

Here are some tips to ensure that you keep your family and yourself safe at all times whether at home or on vacation:-

- Make sure your doors and windows have secure locks. The front door should have a safety latch or chain.

- Ensure all windows have suitable grills.

- Make sure your garage is locked and all potential tools are locked up. All potential alaweapons should be stored away.

- Make sure your compound is well lit. Consider installing motion activated lighting.

- Lower the amount of shrubbery or bushes near your entrances, to reduce these spots being used as a hiding place.

- Don’t leave spare keys in obvious places, also never tag your address with your keys.

- Keep your savings in a bank.

- Have good relationships with your neighbours and family.

Thieves are most probably perceived to strike at night, to keep safe and cautious follow this steps:-

->Always lock all doors and windows.

->Always close curtains to prevent observation.

 ->If you notice any suspicious people or vehicles contact the police or press your alarm immediately

Some pointers that a helpful to many:

- Always be aware of your environment, so check your mirrors make sure you’re not being followed.

- Always be alert when approaching your driveway. Be aware of any suspicious cars or people.

- When exiting your car be aware of anything that may hide a potential carjacker.

- Upon returning always ensure your home is well lit at night.

- Lock all your doors and windows before setting off. If possible try not to open windows more than 5cm.

- If a stranger approaches you while in your car, try to drive off if possible or hoot to attract attention.

- If you notice any suspicious behaviour while driving call for BM rescue or police assistance.

- Be organised as you approach your car, have keys ready but concealed. Upon arriving at your car examine the outside and inside.

- Know your destination and routes to it. Be aware of police stations/ BM alarm back up locations along the route. - Steer clear of high crime and unfamiliar areas.

- Try not to drive alone.

- DON’T pick hitch hikers.

- Try change routes regularly don’t fall into a routine.

- Avoid driving when roads are quiet and empty.

- The safety of you and your passengers is paramount, stay calm and listen to what they want.

- Don’t make sudden movements that may panic hijackers. Keep you’re your hands noticeable at chest level ideally.

- Don’t look them directly in the eye; this only makes them feel threatened remember they are very nervous too. - Try to look for any characteristics that may identify them later.

- Try to answer any questions honestly. If a hijacker discovers you lied, they are likely to turn violent and vent their frustrations physically.

- If kidnapped cooperate fully.