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We are capable of providing both fixed and mobile surveillance, audio and video streaming apparatus to get to the issue when carrying out solid and reliable investigations to assess damages and losses accrued.This may also apply to workers compensation, personal injury or staged auto/personal accidents.

Our trained and professional investigators have hundreds of hours in surveillance techniques, investigations, and witness statements. Through our vast resources we are able to verify information provided on application, including full names, date(s) of birth, social security account number(s), education and former employment information.

Our undercover investigation teams are certified to provide world class contracted investigations services. Our teams are trained to provide detailed and objective analytical reports, pertaining to specified incidents. Our experience and professionalism have endeared us to various types of clientèle in Kenya. Our staff consist of a diverse array of backgrounds including former law enforcement investigators and private security specialists

Dog Unit


We have a dedicated & well trained and fierce dog unit manned by professional dog handlers. They are charged with the massive responsibilty of taking care and maintenance of our guard dogs.

In addition, they also act as trainers with the target to rear robust and highly qualified dogs. The most common breed within our unit is the German shepherd dog. This dog is trained for tracking and patrol work. GSDs have proved to be resilient and successful at work.


All new employees undergo an intensive three week training program. We also extend a refresher training to all employees returning from leave to ensure a Guardscontinuous model is in place.

Equally we also provide specialized training for employees who have been promoted to senior positions which require more responsibility. Our training program covers all matters of security operations, security and law, physical fitness, disaster management, terrorism and counter terrorism, security equipment, security surveillance, fire emergencies, health and safety, first aid, customer care, communication and work ethics.

The content of our training program ensures that when personnel graduate from our training school equipped with the knowledge and training to go forth and provide the highest security service.

Guard Services


Straight Security services has established well defined recruitment, training and appraised policies that place only the best and well trained guards at assignments. The guards are subjected to a pre-employment character assessment and of preference MUST have served in forces and or form from a reputable corporate organization.

These recruitment standards include physical and mental aptitude tests, a clean criminal record, a thorough background; educational and employment check as well as a mandatory certification of documents. The same are carefully vetted and have to produce and renew certificate of good conduct from CID headquarters. further to requirement, the personnel are then put on a three week training before deployment.


Investigations are conducted by our highly experienced private investigators with the utmost respect to your privacy. The gathering of evidence to prove your case is professionally handled whether it is to prove infidelity for a divorce case, to obtain custody of a child or to determine if a relationship is right for you. Our investigators are proffesional in the perfomance of theor duties. These duties include collection and analysis of information regarding crimes committed, suspects, circumstances, evidence, police reports and witness statements and crime scene investigations. They are also committed to complete the investigations in an objective and professional manner. Our representatives can be called to act as expert witnesses, providing credibility for security matters in a court of law.

Straight Security Services Ltd request for Proposals on ISO Certification: Security Services Provision Certification.